Companies can reduce the probability of a data breach and thus reduce the risk of fines in the future if they chose to use encryption of personal data. The processing of personal data is naturally associated with a certain degree of risk. Especially nowadays, where cyber-attacks are nearly unavoidable for companies above a given size. Therefore, risk management plays an ever-larger role in IT security and data encryption is suited, among other means, for these companies.

Encryption is the process of helping protect personal data by using a “secret code” to scramble it so that it cannot be read by anyone who doesn’t have the code key. Today, vast amounts of personal information are managed online and stored in the cloud or on servers with an ongoing connection to the web. It’s nearly impossible to do business of any kind without personal data ending up in a networked computer system, which is why it’s important to know how to help keep that data private.

What Should You Encrypt?

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

PII includes any kind of information another person can use to uniquely identify you. This includes your driver’s license or social security number. Thieves may use this information to steal your identity, which then allows them to move onto bigger crimes such as applying for credit cards and loans in your name.

Confidential Business & Intellectual Property

consider the data your employees access each day on your customers. Consider the plans for your new product and an upcoming marketing blitz. Would your competitors benefit from knowing the names of your top 20 clients? There is an old saying that crooks break into banks because that’s where the money is. Well, today’s digital thieves break into companies because that’s where the most valuable data resides

Customer Information

Banking and healthcare industries are subject to regulations that govern the protection of consumer information. Special data protection regulations apply to you if this is your business. Even if your company operates outside those industries, you still need to take this seriously. Make protecting customer data a top priority because your reputation depends on it.

Research and Development Data

This is a tough one because companies often distribute this data around the company. Not every company invests heavily in this area, but if you do, centralize and protect it using encryption. Each company produces its own trove of valuable information.


Hometoll builds secure web applications

Here at Hometoll we build secure web applications with a high level of access control if needed even down to the individual fields. Together with the advanced access control, we are able to build with strong encryption, to ensure that even though the data falls into the wrong hands, the information leaked is incomprehensible gibberish.