User Action Log

In the field of information security, user action log  (UAL) is the monitoring and recording of user actions. UAL captures user actions, including the use of applications, applications opened, data accessed, system commands executed, checkboxes clicked, text entered/edited, site area visited and nearly every other event to protect data by ensuring that employees and contractors are staying within their assigned tasks, and posing no risk to the organization.

Joomla's log system is the finalization of the "Recording Action Logs" project from GSoC 2016. This system provides an infrastructure to create an audit log of activity performed on a website and can be fine-tuned to the site admin's preferences. Extensions are able to hook into this system to add custom messages or have the system process standard CRUD actions.

Note: Only Super Users have access to the Action Logging system.

There is no UAL in the WordPress core.

Date modified: 12 November 2018